The story

Welcome to the soft world

Advocating soft values means taking care for nature, for planet and people. One of the most polluting and unethical industries in the world is the fashion industry. What if we could change this with precious and natural material that is often so near at hand. 


Wool is such an important soft and precious material.  But still tons of this undefeatable substance are thrown away or even burned. Every sheep has to be shaved in order for it to thrive. In Sweden this is even obligatory. The wool that every sheep leaves behind  is absolutely fantastic: it hold you warm in the winter and keeps you cold in summertime. It is not inflammable and totally natural. Besides the already convincing sustainable aspects of the material itself, we go a step further by collecting wool from ecological farms in Sweden of which we are sure that they take very good care off their animal friends.

Nunofelting and natural dyeing

In the process of making the clothes we use a very special technique called nunofelting, hereby creating a strong and endurable fabric. Using both wool and cloth, either silk or  linen.  The wool we use is of a special authentic Swedish breed called ‘finull’  that is so soft that it does not itch at all (honestly!). The material is than natural dyed with plants and mushrooms, most of them collected in my own forest and farm and with great care for nature preservation.

Sustainable and Slow fashion

As you can probably guess right now, the making of these items takes a lot of time and attention. Real slow fashion you could say, in creating very unique items. Totally sustainable and with as little waste as possible. check out more on my instagramaccount ’marjanrijnbout’.