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Felt is an important product of my more practical work as well as a metaphor for all the services I offer and where I stand for. 

Felt is the past tense of the verb ‘to feel’, pointing to our being as feeling entities. Feeling as in having connections and emotional ties to people and the world around us. Both in a joyful as well as a hurtful way.  But it points even to feeling as being tactile sensitive. Touching (and even smelling) the softness off felt is a very pleasant encounter. Working with wool and fibers calms the mind and body. 

Felt is also a material,  both soft as well as strong. In the process of making felt, lose fibres become one, because of our total attention and hard work. Out of raw material something beautiful is being made, not in anyway resembling its predecessor. Likewise our own existential journeys in life. It’s strength is not easy to acquire. It needs a lot of friction, pulling and tearing in order to achieve a strong and coherent fabric of all the lose fibers. The material is both open ended as well as connected. Felt is telling us that friction is needed in order to improve. That makes me think of the saying: ‘Critics are the true optimists.’ 

Felt is activistic, both in its essence of being a sustainable product in a world full of harmfull products with poor quality,  as well as in its philosophical quality. Being critical means wanting to change the world for the better. And that is never an ‘easy’ way of living, though immensely meaningful.